Since 2015, Blackarrow kickstarted the AV Division and are now one of the leading AV integrators in the country.

Blackarrow is one of the few AVIXA™ certified companies in the Middle-east, an industry certification that requires a minimum number of employed CTS certified personnel. In pro AV, the Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS) program is the leading professional credential and it is accredited to the ISO 17024 standard. Hence, you can be assured it meets the highest standards for demonstrating and verifying the AV team’s skill set. With a collective experience of our in-house expertise of more than 100+ yrs. in this niche segment of technology, our AV design, Engineering & Maintenance teams are capable of rising up to any challenge in providing solutions, be it intricate AV designs, value-engineering, execution or maintenance of any given complex project.

Audio VisualControl rooms or Operation rooms are now becoming a vital requirement for any facility to efficiently monitor multiple information streams from different content sources and make accurate and critical decisions.

Control rooms require system management that is cost-effective & efficient and at the same time offer a comfortable operator experience.

At Blackarrow, we provide you with a turnkey solution which includes the following elements of the control room.

  1. Screens – LED, LCD or Rear laser projection cubes.
  2. Projectors with or without edge blending.
  3. Signal processing and transmission equipment.
  4. Control systems.
  5. Consoles or technical furniture.

With an ever-evolving era of technologies, Blackarrow is abreast with the best and latest trends in the industry and are partners with almost all of the industry standard manufacturers and suppliers.

Our project references speak volumes of our expertise in this segment. Do we need to say more!

  1. Audio conference solutions
  2. Translation or Interpretation solutions
  3. Assistive Listening solutions
  4. Video conferencing solutions
  5. Video Projection solutions
  6. Sound reinforcement solutions

Areas of application:

  1. Meeting rooms
  2. Conference rooms
  3. Boardrooms
  4. Huddle spaces
  5. Multipurpose Halls
  6. Auditoriums
  7. Stadiums

Digital Signage has proved to be the most effective mode of communication for the marketing and advertising industry today. Blackarrow provides an end-to-end solution which includes all hardware, software, network infrastructure and customization for all such applications tailored to meet the client’s expectation.

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the most secure and reliable technology that broadcasts television programs over a managed, private internet network. Blackarrow has partnered with the industry leaders in this segment to deliver top notch services for these solutions catering to deployments across mixed use development projects, corporate and governmental facilities.

Wayfinding is a solution that employs the use of digital maps on interactive displays to navigate from a current location to the intended destination. Blackarrow provides a comprehensive solution including all hardware, software, maps in 2D or 3D for this application.

A public address system (or PA system) is an electronic mode of communicating to people in any public venue via microphones or other acoustic sound sources or recorded sound or music. PA systems allow for audio to be sufficiently audible at a distance from the audio source or over a large area.

Sound reinforcement system generally means a PA system used specifically for live music or other performances.

Blackarrow has an in-house team trained in EASE to cover all aspects of professional practice, from detailed, realistic modeling and simulation of venue acoustics and sound system performance to professional data assessment and verification.

Blackarrow have also partnered with world class audio manufacturers with varying ranges of audio reinforcement systems for any given space.

Areas of application:

  1. Airports
  2. Sports stadiums
  3. Corporate, Government, Military facilities
  4. Hospitality
  5. Healthcare
  6. Warehousing facilities
  7. Entertainment venues
  8. Public transportation vehicles and facilities

Broadcast studio is a facility with an integration of various audio and video production technologies tailored to the broadcasting of media. Blackarrow have teamed up with a host of dedicated consultants and installers, manufacturers and suppliers to deliver unique solutions.